“You cannot compare the old system to the new. We now have a handle on the plants vital signs, and the accuracy of the new control system allows us to maximize plant efficiency like never before”

Production Manager


“The new control system has given us the facility to recover from abnormal trips & conditions where we could not before and had to replace the catalyst”         

Engineering Manager



“Through the successful commissioning of various projects, we have formed close relationship with CSS. They continue to impress with their prompt response, customer service and commitment”                

Head of Projects


“We replaced the continuous mixing system with this batch mixing system and can confirm that the results improved above expectations. With the assistance of CSS the project team can be proud of a well-functioning solution.”                                                                                         

Instrument Engineer


“This first phase implementation has paved the way for all sections of the plant to be integrated into one system. Future upgrades will be more cost effective, not only from a Rand’s and Cents
perspective, but from time to implement, as well as downtime.”

National Engineering Manager


“This has been one of the best prepared, executed and commissioned projects, with excellent results! All our expectations were exceeded, especially the accuracy of the dosing.” 

Engineering Manager


“In my view, some of the new system’s outstanding aspects are its redundancy features, hot standby capability, remote access with stable security and ease of modification.”

Chief Electrical Engineer





“Customer feedback …”