Demin Water Plant Control System Replacement

Client : Mittal Steel
Duration : 3 Months
Budget : R360,000

Demin Water Plant supplies dematerialized water to the Boilers and the Blast Furnace at the Mittal Steel Newcastle works. The scope of the project was to upgrade the existing Modicon Quantum PLC and to incorporate two other obsolete 984 PLC's into the new controller.

Additional requirements were to enhance the existing control and interface thus speeding up the communications and update time of the SCADA.

Challenges faced were among the following:

" Very little documentation on wiring was available on the old system, but with careful investigation and tracing, the changeover from old into new went smoothly. " Complex scripting was used to control plant from SCADA, this needed to be removed so that on-site engineer could fault find his/her plant. This scripting needed to be studied and analyzed and removed with PLC Logic. All plant control was removed from SCADA and programmed into the PLC. The SCADA is now only used as an operator interface. " Time frame. From date of order to commissioning CSS were tasked to complete this project in three months. " Commissioning Live!

Project commissioning has taken less than a week and one two weeks ahead of project deadline.

"The new system is 100% more efficient in response time and ease of use"
Senior Plant Operator

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